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Download the 2017 brochure

Download the 2017 brochure

The next course will be on 15-22 July 2017.

The 2017 Brochure is now available.

Includes Tours to ÁRAINN MÓR ISLAND and RANN NA FEIRSTE, Tin Whistle Tuition for Adults and Children, Damhsa ar an Sean Nós, Plan B if the rain comes, New Sports Hall, Afternoon Debates/Discussions for Adults agus go leor eile!

2 comments to 2017

  • Aine Woods

    Dia dhiobh,

    We have 3 children, the oldest age 10 in 5th class, and the youngest age 5 in Junior lnfants. Their Irish is weak – and the youngest would have very little. We’re keen to get our family l to the point where we can speak more Irish at home, but we’re wondering if our youngest is a bit too young, and if you get many kids who go to English speaking schools and who are starting from a low base?



  • Michelle Lowe

    Is there a course available from the 23 July to the 30th July. I would like to do a week with my 12 year old daughter.
    Thank you.

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